Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pinterest Projects Week 2

So I'm a little late on posting this...

4.  Another dog gate

Mark made a big and a small one. I chose a complimentary sheet to make the small one.  Somehow our stinker dog has figured out how to push the pvc out so he can escape, but he can't get back in. Putter, the big moose, just lays down in front of it.  It works fine for both of them on the stairs in between the slats though!

5.  A korker!

Soooo easy to do and now I can adorn her little head with even more of my kooky creations!  Don't worry though, I won't leave her little tooshie out!

6.  A ruffle shirt for Kin

Unfortunately, Mommy isn't very good at measuring for her projects yet and this shirt fits her JUST RIGHT right now.  At the rate this little lumpkin is growing, she's going to be cruising into the next size sooner than later!  The ruffles on this shirt make it VERY heavy and the weather here has been outrageous.  Therefore, there is a good chance little Kin won't get to wear this gem.  Don't worry though, I will find some cute little girl to bedazzle with my creations!