Friday, June 22, 2012

Off to the Beach

So recently, we were invited to a friend's house to hang out by the pool and to swim.  Looking back at our (my) preparation for this big event, (Kinley's first real time in a pool!) I am realizing how much life really has changed.  Last summer-although whale-like in shape-my big heading-to-the-beach concerns were:

1.  Did I have enough water?
2.  Was my bag packed? (Sunscreen, book, towel, bug spray, crackers.)
3.  Were my legs shaved?
4.  I hope no creeper is hanging out at the beach today.
5.  Were all my parts tucked in or covered appropriately for the beach-viewing audience?

The general prep time was about 10 minutes.

This year, it appears that the scenario will go more like this:

 1.  Do I have the sippy cup?
 2.  Do I have the cooler filled with extra water?
 3.  Do I have the beach tent?  Where are all the pieces to that thing? How in the world am I going to
      get this assembled alone with her?
 4.  How many towels are in that bag?
 5.  Make sure her blankie comes with us!
 6.  How many toys did I pack?
 7.  Grab the teether.  And the pacifier. Maybe two...
 8.  How many diapers did I pack?  Do I have the swim diapers?  Don't forget the wipes.
 9.  Do I have her hat?  Did I grab an extra-you know-just in case?
10. What will I do if I can't get a close parking spot and I notice some childless, twenty-something  
      woman parked in my much needed beachside space?  Would it be rude of me to glare at her and
      stare her down until she leaves? Is that appropriate behavior for a mother?
11.  Did I coat every little inch of that with SPF 70?  What if I missed a spot?!

The vision of my once of my bikini-clad, barefoot self cruising out onto the sand with little bag in hand has morphed into an overly-covered-infant-toting bag lady with a five-o'clock shadow stumbling towards the water.

And I'm ok with that.

Besides, with all of that time spent on my 'new concerns', it is fortunate for me that Mark has decided that, this year,  I should worry less about tucking in my new parts.  ;P

Goodbye lazy beach days!  Hello family beach trips!

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