Saturday, December 31, 2011

Things we've learned thus far...

Our little Kinley is now 7 weeks old, and boy has she flipped our world around!  I figured I'd start a running record of the little (and big) things we learn on this new journey as parents.  Enjoy!

1.  As cliche as it sounds, it is tremendous the instant love you feel for that little being the minute it's born.

2.  In the moments following their birth, newborns are not cute.  However, you can't put them back in to cook for a little longer.  Don't worry-they even out.

3.  I would never ever ever know if my daughter was less than the most adorable baby in the world.  There's something in there that won't allow it.  Maybe it's hormonal-maybe it's love.

4.  Other people are not in charge of you or your baby.  Lay down the law early.

5.  Doctors aren't always right.  Trust your instincts-and possibly a poop sample.

6.  Your good intentions of buying clothes ahead of time will inevitably be thwarted when you birth an unexpectedly large or small baby-or one that doesn't grow like the 'average' baby.

7.  Sometimes you are given a baby who automatically sleeps through the night, has a pleasant demeanor, and is too good to be true.  I'd consider letting her be an only child.  I'm scared of what's to come with another.

8.  Growth spurts are amazing...for catching up on infomercials you may have missed.  You will be up all day and all night.

9.  You will see a different side of your husband when that baby is born.  He will do anything for that child, but he still won't put his clothes in the hamper.

10.  The dogs WILL become just dogs.  :(

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