Friday, January 6, 2012

Lessons Take 2

11.  Your husband's version of singing to the baby may be to take inappropriate songs and change the words-somewhat-to include the phrases 'drink milk', 'poop my pants', and 'I like boobs'.  Let it go.

12.  Don't cut a newborn's nails.  Buy mitten cuff shirts or scratch mittens.  Their nails are attached to their skin and you will pinch their little fingers-and it'll hurt you more than it hurts them.

13.  Your shower will become the most peaceful part of your day-or week.  Let's be real...

14.  Wear nursing pads!

15.  Two words: stain stick.

16.  And always, always, always bring a change of clothes for you and the baby.  Bring them everywhere.

17.  Double check that you have enough diapers and wipes to get through your trip-before you leave.

18.  Check your clothes for baby 'fluids' before walking out the door.

19. In case you are curious, a bladder after a c-section appears to be as weak as a vaginal birth bladder.  If not-I feel reeeeally bad for you ladies.

20.  The older generation will make comments about you bringing 'such a new baby' out of the house because 'in our day, we would still be in bed'.  Just smile and say, 'Yeah-isn't evolution great?'

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