Sunday, August 12, 2012

Things My Husband Should Know-Take 1

Dear Husband,

Yes, it's nice to be home with the baby all day, but it is exhausting.  I cannot sit and enjoy a cup of coffee as I browse Pinterest all day as you may think I do. That is why I try to do it when you are home.

Don't ask me how the day was.  You can tell by the extent of my disarray.  Am I showered? Then we had at least a mediocre nap.  Is there make-up on my face?  Probably a little longer of a nap.  Is my hair done, or is it tied up on top of my head in a wet knot?  Am I wearing sweats or jeans? And if it's sweats-are they the same ones as yesterday?  The higher up on the disheveled-o-meter, the quicker you should back out of the house and return with a bag of Oreos.

Bathing the baby is not helping me out or giving me a break when you keep calling me in the room to see how cute she is splashing (although she is VERY cute).  Leaving a trail of her clothes and a soggy diaper on the bed doesn't fare well in your favor either.

DO NOT QUESTION MY DAILY COFFEE INTAKE. Cookies, too, for that matter.

When I leave the baby alone with you, it's not a reason to take her to your parent's house.  You can do it.  You better do it.

On your way out the door, it's not wise to suggest that I weed the garden 'when you get a chance today'.  I'll change the locks.

It irks me that I'm on my hands and knees all day entertaining the baby, but when you come home and I'm hoping you'll take over for a bit, instead you give her a kiss, pat her on the head, and stick her in the pack-and-play.  I want to punch you.

I adore how Kin freaks out when she hears the dogs go crazy when you come home.

Kinley roams the house with me all day yelling 'Dada?' into each room we enter.

She also recognizes your picture now.

When you call and I put you on speaker phone, she practically licks the phone trying to kiss you.

I love that you love to show her off and brag about her all the time.

I appreciate your supporting my shopping initiatives when it comes to Kinley. Thanks. ;P

We love you very much.


Your Girls

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