Friday, June 15, 2012


So I've been told by a few people that I should 'do a blog' and post about all the stuff that I'm always talking to them about.  I don't know if they are tired of hearing it or truly think it's stuff that I should share (or they're tired of their Facebook newsfeed being clogged up with mommyisms and pictures). Regardless, I did it.  Well, I started it. (Really-look back at January!) At some point-some very quick point-I decided my thoughts weren't worthwhile, and so I stopped.  (I'm not gonna lie-going back to work could have had something to do with it...or maybe the lack of sleep played in.) So I vowed that once summer came I would pick it back up. And would you look at that: SUMMER IS HERE!  Truth be told, I probably would have said forget it if it hadn't been for my wonderfully witty, well versed friend Kristyn posting her awesome blog updates (read about mommy boobs here)  She had me thinking, 'I got this!' Yeahhhh...we'll see. 

So right now, I'm going to enjoy my first cup of summer coffee with my daughter rolling around on the floor trying to eat carpet lint while I watch Live With Kelly-exactly how I informed my class of Kindergartners I would be spending today. Then-let the blogging begin!

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