Friday, June 15, 2012

Lessons Learned 3

21.  Shut them down. The visitors that is... You are in no condition to entertain and shouldn't feel obligated.    But when you do let them come (which you will), have them all come at the same time.  Don't let them wait for someone else to leave.  You'll never have time to nurse and your boobs will pay.  And if you're not nursing-you'll never get that nap.

22.  Get maternity and newborn pictures done.  You will never regret having them, but you'll probably regret not having them...and no one has to see them if you don't want them to.

23. Jeans? Hah!  Just leave them in the closet for a little while longer.

24.  Prepare for a c-section-just in case.  I was NOT having one...but apparently she was.

25.  On that note-you are no longer in charge.

26.  You will cry when they get their ears pierced, their first hair cut, start solids, get a bug bite, bump their head, reach for someone else, etc... There's nothing I can tell you that will prevent this.  Instead, keep a journal to your child.  Let them know what they did to you.  ;P

27.  Be mindful that, although you've gotten used to eating like a vulture, other people haven't.  Awareness when you eat out with friends should begin before the meal-not after your full rack of ribs and side of fries is gone and your friends have barely grazed their sandwiches.

28.  Before that little being makes their appearance, make food and freeze it.  Or, if you're like my friends the Croce's/Sockriters, invite a certain doting grandmother over to fill your house with wonderful aromas.

29.  If you are nursing, be prepared to limit your diet after the baby is born.  There is a good chance you will have to eliminate certain foods for a while-but it's a much better option than what you will deal with if you don't.

30. It's ok if her first word is Dada.  At least it's not some other four letter word. (I'm still working on 'OREO'.

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