Friday, June 29, 2012

Pinterest Projects Week 1

Week 1

1.  Baby Sandals

They look cute, but she tries to eat them. I think they'd be better for a baby that hasn't found their toes yet!

 2.  Dog Gate

After I put it up, I decided to test it out while I took a walk. That little rat dog got through somehow!  It hasn't happened since and it looks MUCH better than two baby gates that collapse on each other.  Much cheaper too!

3.  Patriotic Wreath

This bugger even held up in that 'tornado-like, hurricane-like' storm we apparently had Friday that I slept through.  Fabric glue is no joke. Just ask my carpet..but don't tell my husband!

4.  And more tutus!

Black with bows and candy corn with layered length colors!

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